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Relationship Reader - Direct Channel, Warm Honest Readings. 

Empower YOUR soul with the Insights you need Now, to help you understand what is currently going on in your situation. I am an experienced Medium, Healer, Spritual Coach with many years of expertise.

Explore the essence of your being and discover how the language you use creates the reality you live. I will help guide you to access your potential and connect with what you really want.  I will help guide you to remove the obstacles that hold you back and implement progressive ideas through effective actions to enhance the quality of your life.  I'm a Master Psychic and Spiritual Coach and Mentor and have helped guide thousands of clients around the Globe to achieve the results they want. 

Sometimes the rush of everyday life of what we are reaching to achieve gets lost. Through insightful and honest conversations, what you are seeking could be closer than what you think. I deliver messages with Truth and Compassion but if you are not ready to hear the Truth please be prepared to look at your life in a new perspective no matter how hard this may be.

Ultimately it is your choice in the end of where you want to be and where you want to get to. It is my goal to awaken the soul within and provide you with spiritual enlightenment to help you with your chosen path.

I believe that every person and everything we encounter in this life is for a reason.  A gifted empathic who will support you through the difficult moments on your special path to a more fulfilling life of joy abundance and successful relationships.




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2016/10/25 10:20
Thanks Sonia


2016/10/24 21:56
Been a client of Sonia's for years. Accurate and honest. Many predictions have come to pass, and that's why I keep coming back to her for her divine guidance.


2016/08/13 21:25
Great advice as always! Will that to you soon about how things turned out. Thank you much


2016/07/31 12:35
So great to catch you on here Sonia! If only 15 mins went by this fast when I'm at work lol


2016/07/29 20:53