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Sign Up, complete registration by Verifying the email in your Inbox.  (Ensure that we are not sitting in your Spam /Junk Mail box).   Once you login you will notice that your Dashboard displays the available Experts, Your Transaction History, Messages and also Your own profile set up.  Ensure that you create Your Own:  User ID.  Otherwise, the system will post messages and feedback in your "real name".  We give you the option to be discreet. 


Choosing Your Expert 

Once you've found your Expert and read their profile, you have the option to pre-purchase a block of minutes offered by your chosen Expert and or hire immediately.  If you don't have funds in your account the system will prompt you to add funds. By entering your designated amount of funds in the box, you will be directed to our PayPal, Credit Card accepting platform. 


Add Funds via PayPal

PayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including VisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiscover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute. 
You do not require a PayPal account to pay for the services just click the option "pay by credit card" and complete the information on the 
Secured Website.

Once the funds have been processed it will redirect you to our website and it will replenish your account with the amount you requested.  Give this a few minutes to update your Account. 




Click the Chat Option And Your Ready to Begin

We connect both you and the psychic: privately, anonymously and securely, into your chat call.

You can access our Website Live Chat via any Tablet, Smartphone, Ipad, Iphone, Notebook, Laptop, DeskTop Pc and or Mac! Yes, our system is compatible with all!  All you need is internet and we prefer you use Google Chrome for PC, Tablet and Androids...and Safari which is Compatible for your Apple Iphone Ipad and Mac books! So get ready to select your consultant! 

From time to time Experts will offer promotional free minutes ranging from 1 - 5 mins on their profiles  We do NOT enforce promotional minutes it is up to the Experts discretion.  However, we do manage abuse by clients using that to move amongst readers to get a free reading.  The promotional time is there for you to enjoy your reading and clarifying your needs and we expect you to hire for your services on this save for a minimum of 3 mins.  

It is considered abusing the Experts time to shut off and race off to speak with another Expert. On our platform no Expert discuss's confidential information amongst others.  We do not have an Expert Forum nor are they able to communicate amongst one another.  Our Support Team will review client patterns for fraudulent conduct and misuse of this Platform.



Pause Button Feature

We have thought this out for you as a Customer all you need to remember is: "DO NOT PRESS"  the  "Break the Chat" BUTTON -  this will automatically disconnect you from the chat box.  

The timer is programmed to count down from 120 seconds (2 minutes) to provide both you the client and the Expert to have a pause for either you to re-read a passage or passages of your reading or to answer the door or pause the chat to switch your screen away from anyone entering your room.  It is an AUTO TIMER so take advantage of it!  


Global Psychics Online Inc. is the first online psychic platform to provide this feature to allow no time wasting and client / Expert flexibility.  We believe this is valuable to you as a client and to our Expert who is here to provide you your reading.


Feed Back

After your chat ends a pop-up box will appear on your screen to enter Feedback.  Clients have up to 24 hours to submit feedback if they were unable to submit at the end of the chat.  Please look in your Dashboard section under History. We urge all Clients to please use caution and good judgment when leaving feedback for your Expert . What you write can be read by other Clients, and in most cases, you cannot go back and edit your remarks - they become a permanent part of that Experts record. 

Please also bear in mind that you can be held legally responsible for damages to someone's reputation if a court finds that your remarks are defamatory. Under applicable laws, including the Communications Decency Act, Global Psychics Online Inc. is not legally responsi ble for the feedback that Clients post on its Site, even if that feedback is defamatory.

Global Psychics Online Inc. provides a place for our Clients to express their opinions, and we will neither censor these opinions nor investigate them for accuracy. To ensure that the feedback system is not abused, Global Psychics Online Inc. may remove feedback on a case by case basis. Please contact



Sometimes We Just Need to Know?

Have you ever wondered if where you were headed was really instinctively right for you? 
Have you ever wondered if the person whom you were dating/with or married to was your true life partner? 
Have you completed your karma paybacks in this life time? Have you created any Karma? 
Why are these dreams so real? What does it mean? 
Do you feel limited by the boundaries you consciously set for yourself? Are your expectations too high?

Let our selected Psychic Readers and Empaths help with that gut wrenching feeling in your soul to help make you understand why all of this is going on in your mind, body and energy.  
Contact one of our gifted Experts today for the answers you seek.